Helping You Find an Eco Cleaner near You.

We have a list of cleaners in your area who use our wonderful eco-friendly cleaning products.  Great for those who want a healthier alternative to chemical cleaning!  Find your eco cleaner here.

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Are you a Cleaner?

We are looking for cleaners in several areas.  We will tell you where you can get our eco-friendly cleaning products, and then send you leads for new clients that come through this site!  All leads are sent free to those currently purchasing our products.


This website is run by me, Christine Abela, from Timaru in New Zealand.

I work with a company that manufactures a wonderful range of environmentally-friendly cleaning products that are much safer to use than the normal chemicals that most people use to clean their homes.

I am concerned about the health and safety of professional cleaners, who spend many hours a week using these harsh chemicals.  I am also concerned about the people living in the homes, or working the businesses, that are cleaned with these chemical cleaners.

So, I want to introduce professional cleaners to the safer alternative cleaning products, and then I want to help people to find these cleaners.


There is no cost to anyone to use this service.  The cleaners will have to purchase the cleaning products (which they would have to do anyway if they were using chemical cleaners), and there is a small annual fee (the equivalent of about $US20) for the cleaner to be a preferred customer, and buy them at a discounted price.

Nor is this an agency.  If you are looking for a cleaner, I urge you to fill out the form and you can find out immediately whether we have someone on our database for your postcode / zip code.

We do keep track of where people are looking for cleaners, and we actively seek to find cleaners in the areas with highest demand.  So if you are a cleaner, please fill out the cleaner form and we can have a discussion about how you can get these products, as well as training on both using the products and on running a cleaning business.

Another alternative is that you might simply want to purchase the products for use in your own home.  We can arrange that too.  Here is a list of the products we have.  Feel free to enquire through that site, and someone will be in touch with you to let you know how you can purchase.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.